Forever Drawing

the art blog of the dread vampy; every time I stop drawing, you get a photo of my work. no exceptions. send me an ask to negotiate commission work.

Permalink Train paintin’!
Self portrait thingy, just practising my digital skills :D
Permalink hellacollective:

My submission for the Space Cult Myth Girls zine, painted in gouache on mountboard. I just decided to throw everything I could at the theme, so here are some myth girls doing cult magic in space.
Permalink Touched up and scanned version to come tomorrow
Permalink Going to the shops
Permalink Started scribbling on the train for a new drawing. Can you see what it is yet?
Permalink High Noon Over Camelot, gouache on mountboard.
Permalink Run up a little about-the-artist sign real quick to put up in the exhibition in my hometown…the gallery opens tomorrow at seven with wine and nibbles and newspaper people and things. HIGH EXCITING!
Permalink Tomorrow, scanning and editing, but done for tonight, I think.
Permalink A few shacks and I’m done :D
Permalink takin’ a quick break to have a cocktail
don’t judge me we need to get rid of these raspberries before they go off so daquri