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the art blog of the dread vampy; every time I stop drawing, you get a photo of my work. no exceptions. send me an ask to negotiate commission work.

Permalink Hopefully this is done, sending it off now!
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Permalink I have made an executive decision to transfer the poster work to a Photoshop painting, because I’m moving all over the country atm
here are some Pendragon silhouettes as a starting point :D
(ps go see this album performed live on the Edinburgh Fringe from Sunday :D)
Permalink Working on the sketch for the HNOC poster that’ll go out to Kickstarter funders
it never endssss
Permalink Oh yeah, also I did a bit more on this on the train home.
Don’t judge me for not finishing my self-portrait, I did not have the energy to attempt inking hands on a moving train. Didn’t even have a table seat this time.
Permalink Train paintin’!
Self portrait thingy, just practising my digital skills :D
Permalink hellacollective:

My submission for the Space Cult Myth Girls zine, painted in gouache on mountboard. I just decided to throw everything I could at the theme, so here are some myth girls doing cult magic in space.
Permalink Touched up and scanned version to come tomorrow
Permalink Going to the shops
Permalink Started scribbling on the train for a new drawing. Can you see what it is yet?