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So the EAP (East Anglian Patriots, a splinter group of the EDL) are holding a march on Saturday to protest the building of a new mosque in Lincoln (which will be built on unused brownfield land and paid for out of the pockets of the local Islamic community). Naturally, we are counterprotesting. Aside from the gross Islamophobia and racism going on, what the hell are they even doing here? Lincoln isn’t even IN East Anglia, they are really going out of their way to be twats.

Anyway. I made some placards. Sometimes I do that.

By the time I got halfway through the geography lesson one, I was really tired. I misspelled Anglia EVERY TIME BAR ONE. Anlia, Angia, Angla….these are not my finest signs ever. The first one is the only one I’m super proud of, and Natasha came up with the basic design for that.

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    also actually it’s not British slang for vagina we picked it up off American GIs stationed in Britain during WWII
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    we are british we know what our slang means it’s also a term for a pregnant sturgeon it’s also a term of disrespect I...
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    Do people not realize that “twat” is a misogynystic slur? It’s British slang for vagina.
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    I know this was a while ago but I’ve been pruning my Likes and these placards are still great. "Listen chaps, just STOP...
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    I’m feeling a lot of East Anglia emotions right now.
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